The Lilly Pad

Click here to download installation instructions for the Lilly Pad.

Lilly Pad

Lilly Pads are highly versatile accessory mounting platforms, designed specially for decked kayaks. They provide an ideal anchoring point for fishing equipment, safety gear, navigational tools and anything else you need to secure to your kayak, while protecting the deck from wear and abrasion. Without drilling holes in your boat, you can securely mount these items within easy reach of your cockpit. When you don't need them, they can be quickly removed. Lilly Pads are sized to fit in the day hatch or behind the seat of most touring kayaks.

Lilly Pad Feet

The Lilly Pad's rubber feet rest gently on the deck, while it is held securely in place by soft nylon straps that attach it to your existing deck hardware. The strap system allows you to mount Lilly Pads in a variety of configurations, even combining more than one unit to increase the amount of mounting surface. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally, to orient your equipment in a fashion that maximizes the presentation of your accessories.

The Lilly Pad is constructed out of Starboard, which resist prolonged exposure to saltwater and sun. It is lighter and stronger that other materials, yet easy to drill into. The unit's feet are attached with stainless steel hardware. The twenty inch military grade nylon straps slide easily through the hardware, allowing for quick installation or removal (see mounting instructions). The uses are limited only by your imagination.

Lilly Pad, Outfitted

Check out the video demonstration of the Lilly Pad below!

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